Our Philosophy

At Knoxed, there is a firm belief that vertical integration and self-sufficiency are key attributes of a successful global dynamic business.

The ability to develop our own products in conjunction with manufacturers as well as our own trade systems enables us to retain complete control of our distribution and operations, and thus enables us to deliver a completely customised solution to the client, that can adapt and evolve with the current market conditions and trends.

The same philosophy spreads to our product selections, as we only carry product lines where we have either had an active role in the development of products or where product quality reaches the same standards we would expect from a product created by us for our clients.

Knoxed Limited
15 Station Field Industrial Estate
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 1865-570-750
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Registered office as above.
Registered in England no. 05200584
Dongguan, China
Hong Kong, China
Berlin, Germany
Pune, India

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